My name is Misbah Akhtar. I’m a mum to 4 beautiful children, one of whom is just a baby; so it’s a good thing I kissed any real sleep goodbye ages ago! Being a mum is tough, isn’t it? You have so many things to contend with and so many things to juggle that you often forget about YOU. I know I did.

I was drowning under the stress and pressure of single motherhood. I had no real qualifications, no savings and I was terrified of poverty. I was also dependent upon everyone but myself! Pretty tragic huh? I had a negative mindset, and I blamed my surroundings and the people around me for my lack of enthusiasm and vision. I was not grateful for what I had in my life: my home, my kids, my family and friends. I wanted an easy life without having to put in any of the hard work!

Of course, nothing changed, except that things went downhill fast. I was depressed, my kids were miserable and I was fed up; fed up of kidding myself that I was a victim. I wasn’t, I have so much to be thankful for! I finally decided one day that I had to change my life around. I wanted to see the beauty in my blessings but also in the hardship I faced. I believe there are always lessons to be learned in everything: from the sun rising in the east to why bad things happen to good people; you just have to find it.

Mumspiration is my journey, my self transformation into a happier, healthier and more positive me. I want other mums to take encouragement from my resolve and drive to change myself for the better. My aim is to help others transform their lives and achieve their maximum potential through gratitude and positivity. I’m following my dreams to make myself happy and I want to help you be happy too; so what are you waiting for?!



Misbah Akhtar
Me trying to look focused and determined!