For my son’s 2nd birthday this year I decided to treat him to a beautiful letterbox cake from Bakerdays.  The concept of a letterbox cake is a cool one and saves time otherwise spent on collecting the cake or making sure you’re home for delivery.  As the name suggests, the cake is actually small and thin enough to fit through your letterbox.  I’ll admit I thought there might only be one slice, but there was actually a whole little cake the size of a small plate! It easily fed all 4 kids!

The cake was absolutely beautiful: the colours were vivid and the print crystal clear.  It even came in a tin that you can reuse.  My little boy was very excited to receive it especially because of the bright colours.  The chocolate cake was personalised; making it perfect for gifts and corporate events. There are plenty of diverse designs available via the website for every occasion: from Hen’s nights to Eid!

The icing was lovely but unfortunately the chocolate sponge itself was a little dry. This overshadowed the chocolatey taste.  I think the cake would have benefited from something that added moisture such as jam or buttercream. I don’t think the chocolate option offers this feature as a standard but I know the other flavoured cakes such as vanilla do come with a jam filling.

Overall,  this beautiful cake made my little boy’s day perfect. It arrived on time, was exactly the right size for us, and was beautifully presented.  I’ll  definitely be ordering one for Eid!


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