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Organix goodies – making healthy snacking easier for kids!

Organix goodies
Organix goodies range – healthy “junk”

Organix has rapidly become a favourite brand in my house. For those of you who may not know, Organix is a brand of baby and toddler food made with only organic ingredients. When I started using their products a couple of years ago they were an instant hit. I love how the snacks have the appearance of junk but are actually healthy foods. It made things so much easier when my daughter could have her special crisps alongside mummy.

Organix have so much variety in their range of products that it’s difficult knowing exactly what to try out! Recently, I ventured to try out 2 of their products for each of my little ones: raspberry and blueberry rice cakes for my 10 month old; and fruit snack pieces for my 2.5 year old.  I also tried them myself to experience the yumminess first hand!

The rice cakes although tasty were a little tangy for my baby’s liking. My toddler however, munched them all up and seemed to love them completely. I should probably mention my baby is a bit slow on the whole eating food thing. Since he is teething and breastfeeding, it could have been down to this also. What I liked about the rice cakes were that they weren’t as hard and crunchy as normal adult rice cakes are. I was a bit sceptical prior to trying them; I thought they may be too tough for my baby to suck on and chew as he only has one partial tooth. However, they break down very nicely so it was fine. I also love the adventurous flavours: there are still too many baby foods with boring bland flavour out there (my baby hates those). The raspberry flavour was quite distinct.

The fruit snack pieces were so yummy! We tried the raspberry and apple ‘Moos’. They were very sweet without any added sugar – a perfect chocolate alternative. My daughter actually thought it was chocolate! She loved them so much that she would have eaten all 5 packs had I let her! The combination of flavours went together very well without one flavour dominating the other. The moos were in cute little cow head shapes and actually were great at helping develop muscle control as she had to pick them up carefully (because they are tiny) to pop into her mouth. They have that Jelly Baby texture to them without being made from gelatine which I like. It’s suitable for vegetarians and makes them taste and look like sweets. The best bit I can use then as treats without my daughter knowing they are actually healthy snacks – “healthy junk”!


I’ll definitely be investing in more products from the Organix range (visit site here); now if only they made snacks for adults too!

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