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Mindfulness for mums book review: inspirational words of wisdom for busy mums

Mindfulness for mums


Mindfulness, especially mindfulness for mums, can sound very simplistic (isn’t it all about staying with the breath?!) and maybe it is; but this doesn’t detract from it’s usefulness. It goes hand in hand with common sense, relaxation and other holistic therapies – all designed to give you a better quality of life. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the rat race – so much so, that you forget life is meant to be lived. I’ve been wanting to incorporate mindfulness in to my life for a while now, and that’s why I was thrilled to stumble across a book entitled: “Mindfulness for mums”.

This gem of a book is beautifully written and presented. Filled with delightful images and calming mantras, it’s definitely an enjoyable read. The text has purposely been kept short and to the point, almost as if it were a reflection of the simplicity one should be striving for in life (think: speak less, listen more). There are many practical tips for how to lead a calmer lifestyle: from prioritising yourself and saying no to others; to how to reduce stress by grounding yourself in meditation. It’s simplistic yes, but that’s exactly the point. Mindfulness shouldn’t be hard nor feel like a chore. It’s meant to be easy to incorporate; pearls of wisdom that make you stop, think, and appreciate life no matter what.

I never expected there to be so many nuggets of knowledge in Mindfulness for mums. I honestly thought this would just be a book of quotes. I’m happy to say I greatly misjudged the book in my ignorance of mindfulness. There are so many exercises you can engage in: from mindful walking, to mindful listening; positive affirmations, meditation and being  more aware of  your environment. There are even tips on parenting!

The best thing about this book for me is being able to dip in and out of it when I get a spare moment. I can really reflect on each lesson (as it’s very short), take it in and then practice it. Because the exercises are so simple and easy anyone can do them. They  literally only take a few moments and are mainly about your thought process. There are aspects of  CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in the book too which was another pleasant surprise as it’s something I’m currently learning more about. I also enjoyed the science aspects: learning about the stress response and how meditation soothes this.

The quotes included have clearly been carefully picked out and are thought provoking. And that is the phrase I would use to describe Yvette Jane’s book on mindfulness for mums: thought provoking. I look forward to becoming very good friends with her book (buy Mindfulness for mums here) and can’t wait to check out what else she has written. Mindfulness for mums

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