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My love affair with coffee: National Coffee Week 2017

National Coffee Week 2017


Welcome to National Coffee Week!

UK coffee week is a “nationwide celebration of coffee that also raises funds for coffee growing communities.”

I, like many other people in this world, love coffee. It is the one habit I totally indulge in. I have convinced myself that there is a direct correlation between expense and good quality coffee. I don’t mind spending a few bob on a decent brand of coffee. Of course, I don’t actually know much about coffee to know what a good brand is! I just guess by the packaging and price – if it’s a dark green, black or purple  jar with gold swirly lettering then it’s a good brand!

That’s why I was thrilled to discover one day, that a farmer’s market had come to my local area! I was like a kid in a sweet shop, especially when I discovered a coffee stall. There were sacks of rich coffee beans in all flavours. The aroma was so fragrant and powerful that I could smell it several stalls over. Hazelnut, caramel fudge, chocolate, Irish cream; ground, raw in packets and jars.


National Coffee Week 2017

This was full a couple of weeks ago, I’m saddened to say it’s almost gone. I shall always be grateful to the caramel fudge coffee in the black and gold packet for reigniting my love for the gold blend.

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