Older siblings vs younger siblings, which would you rather have? National Siblings Day 2017

older siblings vs younger siblings


I asked my kids a question the other day: older siblings vs younger siblings which do you think it’s better to have? I have a ten year gap between child number 2 and child number 3. Having a new baby after so long was exciting for the older two at first; the tedium set in when they had to babysit! I often wonder how the kids will describe their childhood when they grow up, and in particular their relationship with their siblings.

I can’t remember much of my childhood, (must be my old age kicking in) but what I do remember of it was playing constantly with my siblings. It was great fun. I have 4 siblings, but one is 14 years older; so you can appreciate at age 20 she wasn’t too interested in playing ‘the magic slide’ with the rest of us! The rest of us though used to play the most amazing made up games.

I love having older siblings, it means I have someone to go to when I need advice. Someone who has already gone through what I have in a lot of cases. From homework to buying a car or even parenting, having an older sibling can be invaluable. My sister will probably tell you she enjoys having younger siblings (we keep her young!). She got to still have that one on one time with my parents and then the joy of little brothers and sisters when being the only child got boring. I know my youngest two love having older siblings: they follow them around like nappy wearing groupies. It must feel like having two more parents for my toddler!

When we were younger, my older brother used to hold meetings for us, in the toilet. Yup, in the toilet. He would put the seat down and sit on it as ‘king’. We would sit on the floor outside (our toilet and bathroom were separate) and hang onto every word he said. He would normally use these meetings to plot how best to steal crisps and chocolates. My mum had hidden them away because we kept eating them all. His dastardly plan normally involved me and my younger brother doing all the leg work; whilst my older brother ordered us around. We were too naive and maybe even stupid to see we were being conned.

If  I had to choose older siblings vs younger siblings? older wins every time because I’m not sure I could have come up with the same kind of fun games that my brother did: the plays we put on, the Sunday swap shop, inventive plans to steal crisps from the locked cupboard, changing the alarm clock time so we didn’t have to get up to fast and of course the toilet meetings.

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