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Mindfulness Questions to Change Your Life for the Better

Mindfulness questions


So as you may know, I’ve recently discovered mindfulness in my quest to becoming a more positive version of myself. I’ve never actually really understood mindfulness​; be present in the moment and hone in on your senses to fully experience things? Aren’t we all present in the moment? If not, where are we?

Mindfulness is supposed to make you a better, happier and positive person who feels inspired to achieve maximum greatness. By doing this you are meant to be able to let go of all the negativity in your life. To try to understand mindfulness better, I’ve tracked down a few experts. They know a thing or two about incorporating mindfulness into your life and how it can transform you as it did them. Read here, to find out more.

In the meantime however, here are a list of 32 great questions designed to lead you to becoming more mindful in your approach: let me know how you get on!


1) What do I want?
2) What will I get when I reach my goal?
3) What am I grateful for?
4) What can I do/say/think/feel right now that will bring me happiness?
5) What memory brings me joy?
6) How can I be more positive?
7) How can I be kinder?
8) Who are the people that support me in this life and how can I spend more time with them?
9) What can I do/say/think/feel that will make me a better person?
10) What did I learn that would lead me into a better future?
11) Whom do I need to forgive (myself included)?
12) How would I feel without fear/anger/disappointment/anxiety?
13) How can I express my feeling without hurting anyone?
14) What went well for me today and how did I contribute to it?
15)What are the things I appreciate/love/enjoy about myself?
16) What am I proud of?
17) What are the lessons I have learned from unfortunate events in my life?
18) How can I achieve a win-win situation (in some conflict)?
19) What are the opportunities in this (unfortunate event)?
20) How can I make it work (for a challenge)?
21) What do I need to believe/think/feel in order to achieve what I want?
22) How will I reward myself when I achieve my goal

23) Why am I lucky to have this in my life?
24) How can I help others?
25) What can I do for the greater good?
26) How can I be kind to myself (with my actions, thoughts, expectations, relaxation, taking time off to rejuvenate, putting my interests first, etc)?
27) Who suffers when I am angry/upset/disappointed/unhappy/sad?
28) How can I relax/calm down/be creative/be effective/be friendly/be happy?
29) How can I focus on the future and actively work towards it?
30) How can I make this world a better place?
31) What do I need to do to be more confident?
32) What will I think of myself if I do this?

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