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Nothing has prepared me for the ongoing verbal slaughter that has been taking place recently in my home. Brother against sister against mother in an epic war to fight for control over who has the most rights in the home. It’s me of course,  I trump the kids hands down; but you try telling them that ?

It doesn’t help that the two of them have to share a room. My daughter told me it was unhygienic for them to share a room. Unhygienic?! Apparently her brother leaving the room in a mess counts towards this. She also worries that whilst she will be entering her teenage years he will only be a pre-teen. Ah, being a teenager is so hard isn’t it?!

The noise levels in the flat could compete with an Olympic stadium. Kids screaming in all rooms, across rooms, at all hours of the day. They are doing it right now. I’m surprised I can even think! The rare times they are quiet I hear their voices in my head on a continuous loop. Arguing about this, screaming over that complaining and whinging and moaning.

It’s not only the fighting, they have naturally loud booming voices. Either that or I have tiny ears which are sensitive to decibels. They even play loudly! People always said I was lucky to have a daughter as she would be my best friend. I’m snorting with laughter right now. Best friend?! I’m sure many mums have amazing relationships with their girls but mine is more like Luke Skywalker battling with Darth Vader for ultimate control.

Privacy is a rare commodity in my home. I asked the kids what they would like as a treat and they said “please just give us some ‘me’ time!” I hid my smile behind my hand. They want to try being me! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a slave driver, although my kids would say otherwise (I checked with my parenting course coordinator and she assured me chores develop character!), but there are too many people in a tiny flat. It’s takes its toll. Everyone is under everyone else’s feet.

My son just tried to turn his baby sister in to Harry Potter; he stuck a sticker on her head and declared their was a likeness.  And that brings me to my conclusion: they drive me absolutely nuts and make me want to bash my head against a wall. I cry pathetically in to my pillow at night and wonder if I will ever get my sanity back; but I would not change my kids for the world! I love them for their quirkiness and bossiness; their tantrums and giggles. I love hearing their little conversations and even when they look at me weirdly. I love being a mum and I can’t wait to welcome baby number 4 in to our crazy family!!

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