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Why I will be celebrating being single: National Singles Day 2017

National singles day 2017

National Singles Day  2017 falls on a Saturday. What a perfect way to celebrate being single! Yes, that’s my take on being single: celebrate your freedom. Whilst many people will be looking to find love, I will be basking in the pleasure of my own company albeit with kids. Friends and family will be joining me in celebrating the life I am blessed with. And I will be rejoicing rather than being sad at being single; because you see, I’m single by choice.

Every moment I choose to not spend looking for love, I am choosing to be single. It’s taken me a long time as a single mother to be happy with my circumstances and even who I have become, but I honestly couldn’t be happier! My own company pleases me; I love having my way at home – cooking what I fancy and putting my books, clothes and other stuff where I want. Lying between two babies at night, like the jam in a baby sandwich alleviates loneliness. I enjoy the quiet at night, every night, where I can contemplate and reflect silently. And if I fancy some company I can always blackmail my children to hang out with me!

National Singles Day 2017 reminds of all I have to be grateful for in my life. I had good times in my marriage and bad; missing the good times is about missing the person rather than the marriage and you can miss anyone; like friends. Dare I say it, I feel like I have outgrown marriage and relationships. I know this might seem quite odd, especially bearing my Pakistani heritage in mind; but marriage just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  I want this chapter of my life to be about me now. I want to focus on working on myself, my business, my hobbies and the kids. Much of my life has been spent looking after other people. I watched their dreams become reality as mine turned to dust; but I want that for myself now. I just don’t have time for a man in my life.

With Valentine’s Day being so commercial in an attempt to make the rest of us singles feel crap, it’s nice to see we have rebelled with a day for ourselves! So take charge, go out and make it a special day; fine dine for one, go to the movies for one, book a getaway for one. Do whatever makes you feel alive and remember: your character defines you, NOT your marital status!

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