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Practising gratitude and positivity: why we need it, and how to do it!


Practising positivity and gratitude

I used to think practising gratitude and positivity were alien concepts; I had never actually learned how to practice them. Of course, I was grateful for the good  things in my life, but I’m not sure I was grateful for everything. When you haven’t got time to even use the bathroom in peace, it’s a bit hard to think about much in a positive way. What I didn’t realise was that by not actively practising gratitude and positivity, I was actually becoming negative.

Life really is what you make of it. I believe that we are equipped with the tools we need to face each challenge we encounter; we just need to believe in ourselves. Once you accept the universe isn’t working against you, you are already taking that first step towards a more positive and happier you.

Happiness isn’t about having the perfect life, but about being happy with the life you already have. You have only to compete with yesterday’s version of yourself and not anyone else. There will always be someone better off, but there will always be someone worse off too. Be the best that you can be.


Ways to practice gratitude and positivity

There are many ways of practising gratitude and positivity: and yes, you do need to practise it! Positivity is a skill that you need to work on in order to perfect. To begin with, one of my favourite ways to practice gratitude and positivity is by keeping a journal: every day I write down 3 things that I am thankful for. It could be my health, my sense of humour or even the sun shining down on my face. Reading back my list really helps me to appreciate all the good I have in my life.

Another exercise I like to do, is living in the moment. This is linked to mindfulness: where you focus your awareness on the present moment, whilst being aware of your feelings and bodily sensations. There’s no particular way to do this; you could be drinking a cup of tea or just taking a stroll in the park looking at the leaves on the trees.

Next, focus your senses on your surroundings: how does the air smell? What colour are the leaves? What is their texture like? Can you hear the wind rustling through the trees? How do you feel being surrounded by nature? Are your shoulders relaxed? How you are standing?

Ultimately, there are many apps available that aid in guided relaxation which promotes gratitude and positivity! Once you are relaxed you open yourself up to positivity. Finally, charitable work can help you to see how much you have in your life to be grateful for. Helping others makes us feel good about ourselves.

These exercises became invaluable to be as I’m sure they will be for you. They are my anchor in darker times, they help calm me and restore my balance. Gratitude is synonymous with serenity and this promotes happiness.


So what are you waiting for, start practising gratitude and positivity today! 😉

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  1. What a wonderful piece of writing!!!!! It shows you belong to a strong clan of women, your mum, your highly qualified aunts in Pakistan, your far away cousins here in Southern Hemisphere. keep it my dear

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