Making my own organic skincare: eczema relief cream

Eczema relief cream products

Recently, I've begun researching to find a suitable eczema relief cream. I've had eczema for as long as I can remember, but the itchy, red inflamed skin condition reached is peak a few years ago after I gave birth to…

10 absolute must-do’s for staying mentally well and happy

Mentally will and happy

How I survived multiple mental health problems; your 10 step stay well must-do’s. My medical notes are piled high on the consultant’s desk. Complex, is a very mild way of putting my mental health history. In fact I was even…

Mechanisms for coping with stress: beating depression with behavioural activation

  Mechanisms for coping with stress is something I know all about. My nickname used to be 'stressy', no lie! I am quite highly strung and easily irritated. It's why I'm on a quest to find enlightenment and serenity via…

Hello You!


Welcome to my blog! 

Motherhood is tough isn’t it?! There are many bloggers out there who effortlessly sail through motherhood and share their uplifting experiences with you via their blogs. This isn’t one of those blogs. Motherhood for me, has been a series of blunders, tantrum throwing and embarrassing scenarios – and I haven’t even gotten started on the kids yet! In the midst of all the madness of raising 4 kids as a single parent, it’s easy to forget to look after myself and my mental health. I’m sure you can relate somewhat – we all have our horror stories!

I’m your host: Misbah Akhtar: author, social activist and blogger. I blog about mental health issues, lifestyle and parenting issues. My ambition is to promote awareness about how isolating and crippling mental health issues can be without a proper support system and to offer insights and solutions from my own life experiences. Read my story here.

Do you suffer from negative mental chatter? Does your brain try to hold you back from achieving your dreams with comments like: “I’m too busy” “I’m scared to fail” or even just “I’m fine with just being OK”? Do you procrastinate often but wish you could manage your life better? Do you secretly wish for more in your life but are too afraid to say it in case you are seen as ungrateful? Then look no further!

Mumspiration is MY OWN personal journey in to transforming myself in to a happier, more positive and more grateful me. Like you, I suffered from a negative mindset – until I decided enough was enough and change had to happen NOW!

Join me as I document my success and struggles; imparting lessons I have learned along the way in a lighthearted and humorous fashion (at least, I hope so!).


You only live ONE life, OWN IT!!





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