Mindfulness for mums book review: inspirational words of wisdom for busy mums

Mindfulness, especially mindfulness for mums, can sound very simplistic (isn't it all about staying with the breath?!) and maybe it is; but this doesn't detract from it's usefulness. It goes hand in hand with common sense, relaxation and other holistic therapies…

Creating your future: vision boards

Vision boards are a great way to stay motivated when working towards your goals. When you can visualise your future and what you want from it, it becomes real to you. You can feel the sand between your toes and…

How to be present and peaceful when you can't stop thinking

Present and peaceful

  I have an overactive brain; man, can it be annoying! I scrutinise over every little thing continuously; my brain never switches off! There are literally times when I cannot sleep at night because my brain is all hyped up…


Do you suffer from negative mental chatter? Does your brain try to hold you back from achieving your dreams with comments like: “I’m too busy” “I’m scared to fail” or even just “I’m fine with just being OK”? Do you procrastinate often but wish you could manage your life better? Do you secretly wish for more in your life but are too afraid to say it in case you are seen as ungrateful? Then look no further!

Mumspiration is MY OWN personal journey in to transforming myself in to a happier, more positive and more grateful me. Like you, I suffered from a negative mindset – until I decided enough was enough and change had to happen NOW!

Join me as I document my success and struggles; imparting lessons I have learned along the way in a lighthearted and humorous fashion (at least, I hope so!).


You only live ONE life, OWN IT!!